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Vaas&Vaas is a small family owned company and we operate in Pärnu since 2007. We design, produce and decorate wooden  home accessories  and  gifts, personalized special order products, souvenirs and corporation gifts.  Products are made by experienced masters in different parts of  West  Estonia. All patterns, letters and drawings are made by the artist Helje Vaas and are  hand-painted, which makes each product unique. All products can be ordered for you with a suitable pattern, color, font and image – as a gift to yourself or to a friend or to a    colleague or as a corporation gift. We also produce special products just for your desires and needs. In addition, we make hand-painted personalized and various  decorations  of   walls, ceilings, doors, etc.

käsitsi maalitud puidust kodusisustus ja kingitused, postkastid ja kandikud

Flowers for a loved one’s birthday, a flower bouquet for a colleague and a friend housewarming, flower arrangements for an anniversary and a wedding, room decorations and artificial plant solutions for public spaces, installations for the stage, shopping center and exhibition hall, window designs, photo booth backdrops and holiday decorations, courses and workshops – in short, everything imaginable and a little more!

If you are away yourself, but would like to surprise your loved ones with flowers, we also offer a courier service in Pärnu and the surrounding area.

Order flowers by courier conveniently to your home or office even every week …

lilled, lilleseaded, ruumidekoratsioonid, fotonurgad, lillekimbud, sündmused

Design and gift shop in Pärnu. The selection includes interior products, ceramics, textiles, kitchen accessories, jewelry, leather goods, postcards, candles and much more, both for yourself and as a gift. From us, you can find something nice for your home, a practical gift for your partner, a nice surprise for a friend, and a stylish design product to take with you on a trip.

Welcome – Mon to Fri 11-18 & Sat 11-14

Waldhofi Ärimaja
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