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Vaas&Vaas is a small family owned company and we operate in Pärnu since 2007.

We design, produce and decorate wooden  home accessories  and  gifts, personalized special order products, souvenirs and corporation gifts.  Products are made by experienced masters in different parts of  West  Estonia.
All patterns, letters and drawings are made by the artist Helje Vaas and are  hand-painted, which makes each product unique.
We  get inspiration from around us – from the forest and the seaside, from the bog and reed, while traveling, from people, watching old family photos and so on.
All products can be ordered for you with a suitable pattern, color, font and image – as a gift to yourself or to a friend or to a    colleague or as a corporation gift. We also produce special products just for your desires and needs. In addition, we make hand-painted personalized and various  decorations  of   walls, ceilings, doors, etc.
Vaas&Vaas töökas meeskond
Waldhofi Ärimaja
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