Adult workshops can be conducted in our open studio or we can also come to you if you wish:) A pleasantly filled time with a group of friends, a co-workers, a class, a family or a few other diverse groups.
Prices include VAT, materials, and coaching
Languages: Estonian, English
The number of participants in our studio is at least 6 people, maximum 20 people

See also: Design Meets Wine workshops

*** Minimum 12 people on departure, plus the cost of transport and travel time for the product.

Pre-booking required !!!

phone: +372 5646 0045    e-mail:
Location: Papiniidu Business district, Waldhof Business Building Ground Floor, Suur-Jõe 63, Pärnu

Designing a wooden  CUTTING BOARD/160×250 mm/

Price: 38€/person

Duration: ~ 1,5-2 h

Designing a wooden  PAN SHOVEL

Price: 18€/person

Duration: ~ 1 h

Designing a wooden  SALAD SERVERS (2 pc)

Price: 22€/person

Duration: ~ 1,5 h

Designing a wooden  ROLLING PIN

Price: 20€/person

Duration:~ 1,5 h

Designing a plywood  SIGN

Price: 22€/person

Duration:~ 1,5 h

Designing a plywood  KEY RACK

/150×150, 200×100 mm/

Price: 35€/person

Duration: ~ 1,5-2 h

Designing a wooden  BUTTER KNIFE

Price: 10€/person

Duration: ~0,5-1h



Price: 32€/person

Duration: ~ 1,5-2h


You can make: a head or table or door wreath, a table arrangement, a bouquet or a hanging room decoration.

– Price from 45€/person

(the exact price depends on the number of people and specific wishes and the choice of materials).
Duration: 1.5-2.5 h

Special solutions for groups , feel free to ask for more information and a quote:

phone: +372 5646 0045


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